Our suppliers


Our coffee beans are from Hot Numbers in Cambridge.  They are pretty awesome when it comes to coffee, here’s what they have to say about their beans which they roast on one of their sites in Cambridge…

Growing coffee is a complex process. Growing speciality coffee is even harder. Many people are involved in the farming, picking, processing and export of the coffee- every link in the supply chain is carefully controlled to ensure the beans retain all their best qualities. If the quality isn’t there the coffee only reaches the commodity market- at a tenth of the price that speciality grades fetch.


We only buy green arabica that meets the Speciality Grade. Often, to make that grade, the coffee needs to be grown in more sustainable ways. Less intensive methods that allow for soil improvement, reduction of pesticides and modernisation of processing both increase the quality of the crop and help to protect the environment.
As a result of this higher demand for better quality coffee the production costs increase, which is reflected in the retail price, but this can only be a good thing.  Since coffee’s early commodification it has struggled to sell at a price which truly reflects the cost of growing, so much so that less and less farmers are choosing to grow coffee, preferring much more profitable and easier to grow crops.
In short – better coffee improves our experience as coffee lovers and helps to improve lives of coffee farmers and their communities!


Go check out one of their coffee shops if you’re ever in Cambridge!


hot numbers



Our milk is supplied by Ouse Valley Dairy. They are based in Carlton and James delivers to us a couple of times a week. Their cows are a mixture of Jersey & Friesans and the milk and cream are produced using a grass based system.  The milk is great with espresso, it’s smooth and creamy and steams like a dream!

You can buy milk directly from them from their ‘cube’. Here’s their website where you can find out more about them – www.ousevalleydairy.com