We are an independent coffee shop based within Riverside Lawn Tennis Club on Goldington Road, opened in January 2017.  Although the tennis club is members only, the coffee shop is open to the public and both members and non members are very welcome.

Fay’s has always been a dream of Charlie Fay who grew up in Clare, Suffolk above the original Fay’s which her parents ran for the first 15 years of her life.  The original Fay’s was a delicatessen, grocery store and coffee bar that still has a huge place in Charlie’s heart.  Being part of the local community and surrounded by an amazing team of people, as her parents did, inspired her to take the plunge and open up her very own version in Bedford.

The concept is pretty simple. We want to provide good coffee, tea and lovely grub.   More than that, we aim to be a place that anyone feels welcome and people enjoy spending their time in.

Charlie is so so lucky to have a super team working with her who share the same aims and hopes for the coffee shop.  We try our best to keep our prices reasonable and to keep our environment a happy place to be.  Come and meet us all and see what we are all about!